"Au réveil, si douce la lumière, et si beau ce bleu vivant"
(Paul Valéry)

mardi 26 août 2008


Madonna est en concert chez nous ce soir.
Tous les billets n'ont pas été vendus;
et beaucoup de places se vendent au marché noir,se revendent entre particuliers, s'échangent sur Internet.
C'est pour ça que des annonces fleurissent partout...

Madonna is giving a concert in our town tonight;
There are plenty of tickets that were not sold;
You can buy them on Internet, on the black market, or by people who want to sell their places;
That's why there were such stickers everywhere today...

2 commentaires:

dot a dit…

I wouldn't walk across the street to see her if the ticket was free. I must not be the only one who doesn't like her.

PERBS a dit…

I don't want a ticket either. I wouldn't listen to her IF she came to my house!!!!!!! heck with Dot not crossing the street. Ü