"Au réveil, si douce la lumière, et si beau ce bleu vivant"
(Paul Valéry)

mercredi 17 décembre 2008

Christmas gifts

Only 7 days before Christmas!
All of us will become more and more busy.
So I decided to offer now some gifts to some people that I particularly appreciate..
I liked our encounter along a trail with a lot of benches were we could sit and chat...
For her,I wanted something really special; so special that I had to make it myself..I mean, I made the snowman, AND the award myself ! So, this award is not perfect, but it is ABSOLUTELY unique, for a unique person:

For Dot,
She cares about eight wonderful blogs, and all of them are beautyful and interesting!. I like the way she makes us dicover her so special world.For her, I choosed something colorful, with flowers:

For Barbara,
I dreamed a lot of Vancouver before I discovered her blog.Now, I like her wonderful pictures, and also this little touch of humour she often adds when speaking of her town.For Barbara, I choosed this:

For Nobu,
I like the way he makes discover his fascinating japanese culture, through long walks across streets and times. For him, first of all I wanted something ..masculine! Then I wanted something smart, simple, sober ..and zen.So here is my gift for Nobu:

Those awards are not really important. They only mean that I'm glad every day to discover your blogs, your cultures, your pictures. I enjoy to read your comments.I also like this idea that we can be together for a short time , in spite of distances, different continents, different languages, different cultures.I like this little walk we are going together.I just wanted to thank you all for those nice moments you offer to me.
Happy Christmas to all of you!!

4 commentaires:

PERBS a dit…

Thanks! I love the snowman you made and then made an award for me from it! I will treasure it!

nobu a dit…

Thanks so much,Malyss!!
I'm glad to recive your nice and warm award.
I shall put the award on my Tokyo blog this comming satuday.

Barbara Rahal a dit…

Ohh Thanks so much Malyss for your kind words and present to us!! Means a lot to know that my blog is keeping the dream alive, you should come and visit Vancouver, and rediscover all this places Im unraveling secrets of!

see you blogging

dot a dit…

Thanks for awarding me!
I think you will like the next theme on Picture This.