"Au réveil, si douce la lumière, et si beau ce bleu vivant"
(Paul Valéry)

mercredi 10 décembre 2008

Une autre perspective / An other perspective

Quand je dis que je vis entre les montagnes et la mer, ça peut sembler abstrait..
Pourtant, vu du ciel, ça paraît évident!
Sur la droite, c'est l'aéroport qui déploie ses pistes sur la mer.
De là part la grande vallée qui remonte vers les sommets en suivant le cours du fleuve Var.
Le premier cap que l'on voit au-dessus de l'aéroport, c'est le Cap de Nice, le suivant, le Cap Ferrat, puis celui de Roquebrune-Cap Martin, et enfin, tout au fond, c'est l'Italie.
A gauche, les Alpes, et à droite, mon fragment bleu, la Méditerranée...
J'aime déjà mon monde vu d'en bas;
Mais vu d'en haut, au milieu des nuages, sans le bruit, ni la foule, comme un dessin sur une carte de géographie, je le trouve encore plus joli...

When I say that I live between the mountains and the sea, it sounds abstract.
But when you see the thing from the sky, it seems obvious!
On your right, the airport.
From there, the valley of the river Var.
The first cap you see above the airport is the Cap of Nice. Then come Cap Ferrat, Cap of Roquebrune-Cap Martin, and then, Italy.
On the left, the Alps, on the right, my blue fragment, the Mediterranean Sea.
I love my world when I'm down on the floor.
But when I see it from the clouds, without earing the noise, without seeing the crowd, perfect as a sketch on a geographical map, I love it much more, if possible...

5 commentaires:

nobu a dit…

You really live in nice place.

PERBS a dit…

Thanks for the Geography lesson! I would love to live by water like that and not just a big river.

I am catching up and left comments on yoru last 4 posts. I might even get a post up tonight.

PERBS a dit…

Did you stop doing your WATER blog? I used to at least look at the photos. . . can't find it anymore.

Malyss a dit…

Paulie:I did not really close "waterpoints", but I could not post there since october, and all my pictures of fountains were on my old computer , and for now I can't get them back. I'm thinking about to go on or to put sometimes pictures on "Blue fragments, I did not decide yet, and it takes a lot of time to take well care of 4 blogs.If you want to stroll on it, the address is:
I'll tell you what I decide, but not before january.

PERBS a dit…

Thanks for letting me know. I am sorry that you "lost" our water pictures. Did you know that you can retrieve the photos you already have on it IF you want those at least? Picassa has an album of them. I lost a bunch of old photos on my old computer because I should have backed them up on a dvd but didn't. At least some of them are on another photo blog that I don't use any longer.