"Au réveil, si douce la lumière, et si beau ce bleu vivant"
(Paul Valéry)

jeudi 7 mai 2009

Etre jeune../ To be young..

...C'est n'avoir peur de rien, s'amuser de tout,découvrir par soi-même, ne pas tenir compte du danger, aimer le braver même, ne pas douter,se sentir libre, se sentir éternel, ....
...That means feeling no fear, enjoying everything, discovering the world, not taking care about danger, and even looking for it, that means also having no doubt, feeling free, feeling eternal...

... Etre jeune, c'est aussi ignorer que tout ça ne durera pas..
...To be young , it's also to ignore that all this won't last forever...

..Et à cause de cette ignorance, ne jamais assez en profiter..
And because of that ignorance, never enjoy it enough..

6 commentaires:

Kenza a dit…

Se sentir libre et éternel, le plus longtemps possible!!!
Bisous et bonne journée

RuneE a dit…

A very well illustrated sentiment - I only wish I had realized this when I WAS young!

PS Thank you for the comments - taking pictures like this is a mixture of pure luck, a bit of patience, hope and a smattering of knowledge. The tree stands on a cliff right behind our summer cottage and there are lots of bird's nests in it. So when you see a bird in an opening, it is just to take pictures continuously - and hope. I have posted three such pictures - and I shot at least a hundred. I could never have done it in the days of film.

Clueless in Boston a dit…

In a movie I saw once, one of the characters says, "Ah, youth is wasted on the young!" How true and not fully realized until one reaches a certain age, but we can enjoy it now. Have a great weekend.

OH, you might like my post today. It features youth and water:)

nobu a dit…

Interesting series of photos, just like a movie.

karine a dit…

La force de la vague bleue et le frémissement de l'écume, une jolie métaphore en images :)))
(Si tu passes chez moi, une petite surprise t'attend!)

PERBS a dit…

You have captured the surf well! If I were to see those scenes on a postcard at the store, it would definitely entice me to travel there! Just beautiful!