"Au réveil, si douce la lumière, et si beau ce bleu vivant"
(Paul Valéry)

mercredi 20 mai 2009


(-Waoh! it's hypermodern! Rich! as light as a computer; there's no loading time, and it works without a power point...And how do call that?
- A book!)

My friend Kenza tagged me!
I'd like some of my readers to choose at least ONE question (more if you want..)and answer to it.
I really hope some of you will do!
And now for me, a good exercise of translation..

Do you bend the page or use a bookmark?
I love and collect bookmarks. I always buy some everywhere I travel. I've more than 600 of them..
Did you already receive a book as gift?
Plenty. I always write a title or more on my Christmas and birthday lists.
Did you already think about writing a book?
I wrote one.And have plenty of others in my head.
Do you read in your bath?
Never. I love books and they don't like water.
Have you a cult book?
"The solace of open space", by Gretel Ehrlich; A book that contains a lot of pieces of writings of Chateaubriand. And some others.
Do you like to read a book several times?
Sometimes. And a long time after the first reading.
What do you think about stories published in several tomes?
I don't care, if the story is good.
Do you like to meet the writers who wrote the books you love?
Most of the writers I love are dead. I like to read writers' biographies. I think that I prefer to keep a distance, a mystery;But I had the chance to cross the way of J.M.G. le Clezio, the last Nobel price; I kept a secret admiration and never talked to him. I did not want to disturb him.
How do you choose your books?
The country where it comes from, the writer, the story, the advice of my best friend, who knows exactly what I like.
A reading you'd like to hide?
I like comics..Is it bad?
The perfect book for you would be...
A magic book, in which I could enter each time I feel bad, where I could find all my favorite stories and characters, and that would protect me against the outside world.
Do you like to speak about what you read?
Yes, with people who also like to read.
The best place to read a book?
Almost everywhere. But a comfortable bench, near the sea, with a light breeze..
Television, video games or books?
Don't even ask it ! Books
To read in silence, with music, or it does not matter?
To read above a shoulder?
No. Reading is a lone pleasure.
To read an electronic book?
For me, an electronic book is not a book. A book offers the touching of the paper, the special smell, the light sound of the turning pages..
Do you buy or borrow the books you read?
I buy them. Except from the art books or the very expensive ones, I always write on my books. I like to underline words or quotes, answer to the things, etc.. And I always keep the books I love, which means a lot of problems of anarchic storages.
To read and eat at the same time?
Why not, if the thing I'm eating is not dangerous for my books.
What do you read now, and what will you read after?
I recently discovered a beautyful collection , edited by Mercure de France, whose name is " The taste of.."
Each book presents several pieces of great writers speaking about a town. I just read " A taste of Berlin", and I'm reading now "The taste of Rome".Then , I will read a book called "The long falling", written by Keith Ridgway, an irish writer (I like irish litterature very much)
After this loooong translation, I really hope that one of you will accept to answer to one of those questions! Ü
Have a good day!

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Clueless in Boston a dit…

Hi Malyss, great topic for a blog post. You did a great job on translation, so I thought I would give you some more to translate:)

I only answered a few of your questions, but it was fun. I don't read as much as I should, or used to, but I still read about a book a week and have always found sanctuary in books at certain times of my life, so I have great respect for readers.

Do you like to read a book several times? Yes, if I really like a book I will re-read it again and again. Only one book did I finish and immediately start to read again. That was Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov; it just blew my socks off.

Do you bend the page or use a bookmark? I always use a bookmark, even if I have to make one myself. I hate, hate it when people turn down a page as a bookmark. I don't know why it annoys me, but maybe because I think books should be valued and treated well for all the pleasure and knowledge they give us.

How do you choose your books? Word of mouth, a good review, topic, genre, serendipity.

A reading you'd like to hide? A guilty pleasure is occasionally reading science fiction. I don't particularly like fantasy (except for Harry Potter). I like a good old "space opera" type of sci-fi novel.

To read in silence, with music, or it does not matter? It doesn't really matter, but I usually tend to read with light classical music on in the background. I've had the experience of recalling a book I was reading upon hearing the music that I was listening too when reading.

To read an electronic book? It will take a lot for me to read an electronic book. It is not the same thing, neither is listening to a recorded book on tape or CD. A book on tape is great while driving, but it is a different experience than reading, it is entertainment. You have to hold a book in your hands, smell the paper, and turn the pages to really experience reading a book.

RuneE a dit…

An impressive translation - at least as evaluated by another non-English speaker :-)

I'll try a few (I'm not at home, so this is via a mobile "broadband"):

1. Either a bookmark or the sleeve - never bend a page!

2. I have received countless numbers of books, but I must admit I haven't finished all of them.

3. I wrote my Ph.d. dissertation, if that may be called a book :-)

4. If possible I read in the bath - mental as well as bodily hygiene

5. Cult book: Like countless others: Tolkien's "Lord of the rings", first read in 1980.

6. I often read books several times.

7. I read what I like and don't feel ashamed about anything. If anyone don't like my selection - that is their problem.

8. PDF-files etc is fine for a quick scan, search etc etc, but for serious reading you need paper.

9. I usually have many projects at the same time: At the moment for instance: "The blind watchmaker" by Richard Dawkins znd "Adobe Photoshop for Photographers" by Marting Evening. I'm also about to start on a couple of books of poems by Gerald England. In addition to various magazines (popular science, history and photography).

That should cover it (before the batteries run out).

PERBS a dit…

Well, I won't answer all of them but will try a few. . .

I use a bookmark.

Yes, I receive books as gifts and always give books as gifts too. in fact, I have always given my children and grandchildren books or gift certificates to book stores as their main present for special occasions.

I always wanted to write a book but never did YET! I do write poetry and started puting some of it on a different blog but had trouble uploading the photos that inspired the poetry so stopped.

I read mysteries again and again -- especially mysteries by Diana Mott Davidson.

I buy the books of the authors I like after experiencing a sample from the library.

Yes, I usually eat when reading a book. . . it might be just a drink or something sweet to suck on or a sandwich -- never a main dish like spaghetti or porkchops because I need both hands for them/they are messy.

I am looking forward to Diana Mott Davidson's newest culinary mystery and continue to explore the numberous pages of the Joy of Digital Photography by jeff Wignall. (The problem with the later is it is such a huge book in hard cover edition that it is hard to take with me! Ü

Another series of books I read by one author were biographical. . . A Child Called it, Th Lost boy, A Man called Dave. They are the heartbreaking story of a real person who lived to tell about it.

Lisa Beamer wrote a book about the tragedy of losing her husband on 9-11 and it is called Let's Roll. It is a book or real courage.

So, my reading leans to mysteries, biographies and hobbies.

Marc a dit…

Hi Malyss, it's an interesting list of Q&A's. Unfortunately I haven't had much time to post an comment lately, but I'll reply to one of the questions I like the best.
The best place to read a book?
Well, a couple of places really to me: whilst traveling on a plane or train and on a quite beach with just the sound of the sea in the background. It's the perfect combination and I feel like doing that right now...

Cezar and Léia a dit…

Bonjour sweetie, I love your answers!
I agree with your about those eletronic books and now I'm following your hints about new books to read,thanks a lot!