"Au réveil, si douce la lumière, et si beau ce bleu vivant"
(Paul Valéry)

dimanche 19 octobre 2008

Un petit ami pour le dimanche/A small friend for sunday

Ce matin, j'ai été me promener dans un parc, et parmi beaucoup de choses à voir, notamment de nombreux animaux, il y avait ces petits chiens de prairie.
Ils sont très inhabituels, rigolos à observer et visiblement bien acclimatés à la présence humaine.
Alors que l'actualité est sinistre et sombre, je me suis dit qu'un peu de douceur ne ferait de mal à personne...
Bon dimanche!

This morning, I went for a walk in a park around here, and discovered those little animals.
Here they are called "Dogs of meadow".But they are very unusual for us, so funny and so lovely!
Every time we look at TV, there is only violence and awful things.I thought that a little of softness would enjoy everyone.
Have a nice sunday!

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PERBS a dit…

Looks like a prarie dog and i is sure fat! Cute too! Thanks for sharing!

By the way, we vote on November 4th by going to the poll stations in each neighborhood (usually schools) BUT if we want to not stand in lines of people on that day, we can ask for a ballot by mail and vote early. It doesn't get counted until then but we know our ballot is in. Although I am not homebound, many people are and this gives them the privilege to still vote.