"Au réveil, si douce la lumière, et si beau ce bleu vivant"
(Paul Valéry)

samedi 8 novembre 2008

Dernière balade dans Berlin /Last stroll in Berlin.

J'ai passé quelques jours merveilleux à Berlin, et partager ces photos m'a permis de faire durer mes vacances une semaine de plus..
Mais cette fois, il faut refermer l'album, et revenir à la réalité.Les vacances sont finies.
Il reste les souvenirs, et une petite envie d'y retourner un jour, pour visiter tous les monuments où je n'ai pas eu le temps d'entrer,prendre les photos auxquelles j'ai renoncé car j'étais trop pressée,pousser la balade un peu plus loin, et sentir à nouveau, en me promenant au bord de la Spree, battre les pulsations du coeur de Berlin...
I spent a marvellous time in Berlin.
To share those pictures made my holidays last one week longer.
But now it's over, it's time to close the book and to come back to reality.
I'm keeping beautyful memories, and I feel like going back there, to visit monuments in which I could not enter, to take photos I had no time to take, to stroll a little farther, and to hear again the heart beats of Berlin...

~La bibliothèque~The library~

~La tour de la Victoire~The Victory Tower~

~La rivière Spree~The river Spree ~

~~Une originale façon de visiter..An original way to visit the town.. ~

~Architecture au fil des rues~Architecture along the streets ~

~ Une étrange sculpture~A strange sculpture ~

~ Potzdamer Platz ~

~~ Sony Center ~

~Le memorial juif~Jew memorial ~



Les adieux à Berlin depuis l'aéroport de Schönfeld..
Farewell to Berlin from Schönfeld airport...

3 commentaires:

dot a dit…

I've enjoyed your pictures. My favorite is the one of the statues and the bicycle ride. I was wondering if I would be strong enough to pull those 3 ladies.

PERBS a dit…

What a fun picture journey for me! I wish I could go too! I enlarged the strange sculpture and I wonder if it signifies something? (Kinda like the beach trip is all wrapped up!) The bicycle tour looks like fun. Did you ride on that boat on the River Spree? What an interesting Jew memorial -- I wonder what the significance of the shapes are? Looks like you had a wonderful trip! BUT, I am glad you are back --thanks for sharing your photos!

Malyss a dit…

The statues of kids were along the Spree.I guess it's a kind of memory for the times when children could play in the water there;now, there 's no beach or shore, and anyway the water does'nt seem very inviting, being cold and brown.

For the other sculpture,I just don't know!It was in the middle of the town, on a place among buildings..

I had no time for a bicycle ride or a boat journey..That's why I'll HAVE to go back there!Ü..

And this Jew memorial is quite strange: no names, no signs, no panels, only those big and black square stones,perfectly in line, in ranks, through which you can walk.It has to do more with symbol and concept than with a cimetery or something like that..To tell the true it didn't move me.Too much abstraction.

I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures!