"Au réveil, si douce la lumière, et si beau ce bleu vivant"
(Paul Valéry)

lundi 12 janvier 2009

Atteindre l'horizon /To reach the skyline

Depuis quelques semaines, l'horizon autour de la ville s'était couvert de blanc.
Mais la neige, accrochée aux montagnes, semblait inaccessible et lointaine...
Hier, l'envie a été trop forte.Direction la montagne!
Since many weeks, the skyline around the city was covered with white.
But the snow remained on the mountains, untouchable and so far away..
Yesterday, the desire became too strong.So, let's go to the mountains!

Il a fallu conduire au moins une bonne heure avant d'apercevoir les premiers signes de neige, mais seulement dans les coins ombragés, les creux de montagne, les endroits exposés au nord; Ailleurs, le soleil avait déjà tout effacé.
After one hour of driving, it was at last possible to begin to see some snow; But only in the places turned to the north, were there was shadow;On the others places, the sun already let the snow disappear..

Il a fallu grimper jusqu'à 1600 mètres...
I had to climb until 1600 meters high..

..pour finalement arriver au petit hameau de Peira Cava.
...to arrive in the very small village called Peira Cava.

Son arrêt d'autobus..
its bus stop..
Et enfin , la neige partout!
And the snow everywhere!

C'est si beau!
So beautyful!

L'horizon enneigé en cachait un autre...
The snowy skyline was hiding another one...

En retournant vers le sud, les montagnes se succédaient en vagues bleues, jusqu'à la dernière, la mer...
Driving back to the south,I saw the mountains one after the other, like blue waves, until the last one, the sea...

Et l'horizon est redevenu bleu!
And the skyline was blue again!

3 commentaires:

Kenza a dit…

C'est une chance que je jalouse de pouvoir passer des montagnes neigées aux jolies plages de sable fin (c'est peut-être des galets par chez toi)en si peu de temps!!! Il a visiblement beaucoup neigé sur les hauteurs!
Amicalement, Kenza

nobu a dit…

You have alredy have a lot of snow in this winter.
We have a little snow few days ago, here in funabashi.

PERBS a dit…

What a wonderful surprise for my birthday when I woke up today! First thing, I checked my computer because I started an upload for my blog today and wanted to see if it was complete. . . then I checked my comments in case there were any and you had this surprise for me! I wondered where you were yesterday because you hadn't checked BENCHES out.

How lucky you are to go to the mountains to see the snow! (I never learned to drive or I would be there in winter and at the ocean beach in summer!)

It is beautiful, of course! At least the roads were plowed for you. I really liked that building with the snow sliding off the roof -- at least that is what it looks like since it is so sparse up high and so heavy down on the lower parts. Oh! I see it is a hotel now that I enlarged it!

Thank you for sharing your snow photos with me on my birthday! I really enjoyed it. I am sooooooo glad that you got to see some snow too! Did you get out of the car and play in it? Throw a snowball? make a snowman? Go for a walk? I would have and would not have wanted to come home!

I have another post up -- snow, of course.