"Au réveil, si douce la lumière, et si beau ce bleu vivant"
(Paul Valéry)

jeudi 9 avril 2009

Pointus / "Sharp"

"Pointus", cest comme ça qu'on le appelle.
Jadis bateaux de travail utilisés pour la pêche, ils sont devenus des bateaux de loisirs.
Bâtis pour affronter la mer par tous les temps, petits, solides et rablés,ils ne sortent plus aujourd'hui que lorsque le soleil brille et que la mer reste aussi lisse qu'un miroir.
Malgré tout, leurs heureux propriétaires les entretiennent avec amour.
Fraîchement et régulièrement repeints ils parsèment le port de taches de couleurs.Lors des fêtes maritimes, on les pare de fleurs et de drapeaux, et l'on y grimpe avec fierté, même si ce n'est que pour faire le tour du port.
Around here, we call them "sharp".
In the old times, they used to be working boats, , today they are used for leisure.
They were build to be able to sail on strong seas and to fight with waves, but today, they only sail when the sea is as calm as a mirror.
Anyway, people who are lucky enough to own one take care of them with love.
They're often painted, so they are like flowers of colors on the blue sea . When there are maritime feasts, people decorate them with flowers and little flags, and like to be seen on them, even when it's only for a short sail in the port.

Et tant pis si cet amour peut parfois prendre des formes inattendues...
And this love may sometimes be of unusual kind...

7 commentaires:

Kenza a dit…

Tes photos font vraiment rêver, les couleurs si fraîches de tes petits bateaux sur cette mer bleue!!! Et ce parasol qui donne l'illusion qu'il fait déjà très chaud...
Bonne promenade au bord de l'eau!

RuneE a dit…

They looked very fine in every way - very decorative and it is nice to know that they are well kept. Such traditional boats are an integral part of the coastal culture. I especially enjoyed the first picture - I hope you will post more!

karine a dit…

Une jolie tradition qui se perpétue...merci pour ces images qui sentent déjà l'été :)))

PERBS a dit…

They look really neat! Reminded me of our boats that participate in teh Christmas Ships "parade' each December. I enjoyed seeing most of them but the one with the umbrella has a most unusual artistic touch to it on the outside. Is it a spider? Maybe an octopus?

Anonyme a dit…


Thank you for your words to my blog!

I love the way you shared about the boats before you showed them. They met the expectation you wrote of them. Perfect!

Malyss a dit…

Paulie: it's an octopussy.

Marc a dit…

I like the looks of these boats much better than the yachts in the background.
By the way, I will probably have to cut down on commenting a bit due to lack of time. I hope you'll understand Malyss, because I still really enjoy your blog.