"Au réveil, si douce la lumière, et si beau ce bleu vivant"
(Paul Valéry)

samedi 25 avril 2009

Vers l'ouest / To the west

Il est 6 heures .
Les passants s'attardent au bord de la mer.
Le vendredi soir, rien ne nous appelle , rien ne nous retient.
On peut flâner, prendre son temps pour rentrer, pour traîner un peu.
C'es l'heure douce, celle où les palmiers deviennent ombres chinoises, celle où le flâneur, tel un fantôme, devient une simple silhouette noire qui se découpe sur la lumière qui se couche.
Les nuages s'étirent, l'horizon s'alanguit.
Les oiseaux se posent, fatigués de voler.
Même la mer semble ralentir ses vagues, offrant un calme plat à l"arrivée du soir.
Le soleil avec ses derniers rayons, lance une dernière provocation.
"Essaie de me suivre", semble-t-il dire.
Alors on part vers l'ouest, dans une course vaine, car si vite que l'on court c'est toujours la nuit qui finit par gagner...

It's 6 o'clock.
The passers-by linger on the shore of the sea.
On friday evening, nothing is calling us, nothing is retaining us.
We can stroll, take time to go back home, take time to lag.
It's the sweet hour, the hour when the palm trees are becoming chinese shadows, the time when the stroller, like a ghost, is becoming a simple dark silhouette cut in the falling asleep light.
Clouds are lengthening , and so does the horizon too.
Birds are landing, tired to fly around.
Even the sea is calming its waves, offering a flat mirror to the arriving evening.
The sun, with its last rays, is doing its last provocation.
"Try to follow me", it seems to say.
Then, we turn to the west, in a running which is vain. Because as fast as we can run, the night will always be the winner...

5 commentaires:

nobu a dit…

I'd like to stroll along the beach.

PERBS a dit…

Such wonders to the eye is your sun setting! Ienjoyed your poetry also!

PERBS a dit…

I left several comments below also. Been helping out with a yardsale for 4 days at church. It is finally over!

Did you figure out what to do with yoru blog? Didyou check out Photobucket or someplace to host your photos and just link them?

Marc a dit…

Looks like you've got the good weather back...

RuneE a dit…

Afternoon - the time of relaxation and thought. Brilliantly caught.