"Au réveil, si douce la lumière, et si beau ce bleu vivant"
(Paul Valéry)

samedi 7 mars 2009

Entre deux mondes / Between two worlds

"La porte la mieux fermée est celle qu'on peut laisser ouverte."
(Proverbe chinois)
Bon week-end à tous!

"The door which is the better closed is the one you can let opened."
(Chinese quote)
I wish you all a good week-end!

7 commentaires:

nobu a dit…

Lovely entrance.

karine a dit…

Une bien jolie porte, à peine masquée par une végétation exubérante... le charme du Sud :)))

RuneE a dit…

Doors. like windows, have there own fascination. How is it made? How does it fit in? What lies behind?

Have a nice weekend and thank you for the nice comments?

PS I'll leave for Oslo and my hospital control tomorrow, so it'll be a bit quiet on my blog for a couple of days. But I'll take cameras along!

Marc a dit…

It's a very nice door, but it appears to be closed, so it may not be that secure according to the Chinese :-)

dot a dit…

Beautiful doorway! Hope you have an enjoyable weekend also.

Kenza a dit…

Un grand coucou du dimanche!!!
Je suis de retour et découvre tes jolies photos; la mer, le ciel bleu, le ciel gris, les galets couverts de pluie, les jolies portes entourées de végétations luxuriantes... la musique et je me sens bien!
Grosses bises, Kenza

PERBS a dit…

Just beautiful! Not only the door but the greenery setting it is in.

I once took a bunch of photos of doors but lost them when my computer crashed. I was going to join this meme that posted only doors but couldn't find the link again.