"Au réveil, si douce la lumière, et si beau ce bleu vivant"
(Paul Valéry)

dimanche 1 mars 2009

Gran Director

Qu'est-ce qui fait un grand réalisateur de films?
Le plaisir qu'on ressent lorsqu'on apprend que sa dernière oeuvre va sortir.
Le fait qu'à chaque fois , il arrive à nous surprendre.
Le fait qu'à chaque fois, ses sujets sont graves , passionnants, et toujours d'actualité.
Le fait qu'on a l'impression d'être plus intelligents après avoir vu son film qu'avant.
Le fait que le silence qui suit la fin de la projection, appartient aussi et encore à son film.
Le fait que les spectateurs applaudissent debout à la fin de la projection, avec des larmes dans les yeux.

Peut-être simplement que ce qui fait un grand réalisateur de films, c'est qu'il soit d'abord et avant tout un grand Homme....

What does make a great director?
Each time we know that a movie he made is arriving on the screens, we're happy.
Every time he makes a new film, he surprises us.
For each movie, subjects are grave, fascinating, and talk about actuality.
After having seen his movies, you feel more clever than before.
The silent that comes after the film is still part of it.
At the end of the film, people are standing, with tears in their eyes, and they are applausing.

Maybe, a great film maker is , before and above all ,simply a big Man.

5 commentaires:

Marc a dit…

It's fantastic how this man keeps going. I hope he will do so for a long time to come. And he likes jazz too.
I guess you went to the cinema this weekend...

Kenza a dit…

Un très grand homme effectivement et depuis toujours!
Je suis passée faire un petit coucou du dimanche...

nobu a dit…

He was popular in Japan since he was young.

PERBS a dit…

I haven't seen this movie YET. I have enjoyed what he has done in the past although there wa a movie I saw on cable TV recently that I didn't care for much. He is a legend already tho.

PS My computer isn't working right -- my blog has gone all white on the posts today. Don't know what is wrong and hope it's jsut a quirk of the blogger site temporarily.

dot a dit…

We saw the movie when it first came out in the theaters here. I hate to say but we were disappointed.